We started out as a vehicle repair shop and later added a car sales department. Of course we sell and repair all the usual vehicles, but that's only the beginning. We also repair and sell vehicles that others can't or won't - we're not your average shop.

Most facilities choose either cars or motorcycles to repair. We are certified in, and actively repair, both.

Some of the vehicles are one of a kind, some have just three wheels. For some vehicles we've had to have machine shops fabricate parts because they're no longer available.

Unlike most shops, we will service and repair older motorcycles, trikes, and even electric vehicles.

Our technicians have years of repair experience and are ASE certified.

Our hours are 8AM-6PM Mon-Fri; appointments are preferred. Because we don't do a lot of advertising or pay top dollar rent on a major road, our overhead is kept to a minimum.

We're not looking for everyone's business - just yours!

If you're looking for a vehicle we might already have something on the lot to your liking. If you want something different we can meet with you to discuss your needs. Once we know what you're looking for we can begin our search. Having access to many wholesale auctions, both local and online that sell over 1,000 used vehicles per week, we're sure we can find just the right car for you!